The Right Thing

...ethically, morally, and financially.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "if only I owned a bank"?

Ah, just think of how much easier your financial life would be. Well...come do your banking with Pioneer Credit Union and we'll do you one better—because you literally become a part owner of Pioneer. But instead of ownership in a bank, you have ownership in a credit union.

Credit Union vs. Bank

What exactly is the difference between a bank and a credit union? Both offer accounts, loans, and the complete gamut of high-quality financial services. A major difference is, as a credit union, we're a not-for-profit financial institution that was organized with the sole purpose of providing community members with better financial solutions. Whereas banks are very much for-profit institutions, organized for the sole purpose of making A LOT of profit for its small group of elite shareholders.

You can probably connect the dots from there. But in a nutshell, it means a credit union can offer lower rates on loans and higher earnings rates on savings accounts (and even on our reward checking accounts) than a bank. As a bonus, we provide better, more personalized service. After all, we were created specifically to meet your needs.

Put another way...the same thing that makes the Green Bay Packers the best sports franchise is why credit unions are a better financial institution: we're owned by our community.

How Do I Sign Up?

Yep, that's typically the reaction people have once they learn how awesome a credit union is. Luckily, joining Pioneer Credit Union is as easy as signing your name.

If you heard that you had to work at a specific company to join a credit union, that's a carry-over from a looooooong time ago. These days pretty much anyone in Northeast Wisconsin can become a member.

Our History

Pioneer was the first credit union in the Green Bay area when we held our first organizational meeting on October 22, 1927. Over the years, many credit unions have merged with Pioneer to form one strong financial institution.

Today we have over 53,823 members as we serve the needs of nine Wisconsin counties: Brown, Door, Kewaunee, Shawano, Manitowoc, Oconto, Outagamie, Marinette, and Calumet.

Mission Statement: Pioneer Credit Union is committed to the delivery of total member understanding and satisfaction in everything we do. This is accomplished through a balance of sound and responsible operations, focus on employee satisfaction and development, and actively striving to serve the needs of our membership.